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What are the Popular Services offered by Fishbowl Inventory?

Fishbowl Inventory has been deemed the world’s number one inventory management software. It has been specifically designed for QuickBooks users. The software could also work decently well as standalone software without any connectivity to the QuickBooks. However, in the past four years, DesignForest has had a team that successfully completed approximately 150 projects on Fishbowl Inventory.

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What do you understand by Fishbowl?

You might often wonder what Fishbowl Inventory is. As stated earlier, it has been the number one inventory management software designed for QuickBooks users. It has been right at the top of the inventory management software arena for approximately a decade. Furthermore, it would continue to generate innovative inventory management functionality in their unique software in the coming times as well.

Various Fishbowl inventory services

Some of the services offered by the fishbowl inventory have been listed below.

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Database setup

Setting the entire inventory in Fishbowl Inventory could be a daunting task. In case, you have been working with thousands of software databases or outdated Excel files and products, it would certainly be a pain for you. However, the premier Fishbowl Inventory services would enable you to have comprehensive understanding of the software while the company would do all the groundwork. The Fishbowl Inventory services team could help you handle even the leading database concerns along with helping you in getting started on Fishbowl Inventory in an appropriate manner.

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Custom programming

It has been a great solution for the present QuickBooks users. However, for the most part, it would give companies what they require for running their inventory management successfully. Nonetheless, several clients the company has been working with would require very particular functions created for their Fishbowl Inventory software for working the way they actually require it to. The company has developed and launched several customized Fishbowl Inventory tools.

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