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Top 5 Best ecommerce Website Builders for Creating Online Stores

Worldwide web is the way to make a business go global. If you have anything that is sellable, it can easily be sold online, provided you have a web store that is capable of luring people to buy your products by providing an enhanced user experience. In case you don’t have a web store you can easily get one even without hiring a specialist to create the same.


There are many ecommerce website builders that can help you create an online store for your business. We have gathered five of them for you in this article:


If you are looking for a one-stop-shop that can satisfy all your web-store requirements, you can try out Wix. It offers many templates that are responsive and professionally designed andneatly grouped under different categories. The drag-and-drop website builder makes the entire setting up of an online store really easy. A few main features include taxation, inventory management, shipping cost calculation and different widgets that prove to be quite helpful.


Shopify gives you complete control over your website design. It has more than hundred different templates for you to choose from. In case you don’t like any of them, you can even custom-design a theme to suit your requirements. This website is built along the principles of WYSIWYG along with a fully featured CMS. The smart analytics platform helps you obtain detailed customer profiles, create customer groups and enable clients to set up accounts. You can also create apps, improve SEO, track sales trends and make it easier to manage your shop.


With Bigcommerce as your ecommerce website builder you can sell more and better. Not only does this help you choose your domain name and set up your website, it also enables you to set up email accounts, upload catalogues, secure payment gateways, set up secure shopping carts and use extensive marketing tools to set up an excellent ecommerce store that is mobile-optimized. By helping you improve your Search Engine rankings, this website also helps you save money on paid traffic and marketing.


Volusion is another comprehensive online-store-builder that includes the options of secure hosting, building website and creating shopping carts. Also available are in-house design services such as design add-ons, customized design packages, templates, marketing services, social media marketing and commerce analytics. There are also various business tools such as SSL certifications, payment processing, integrated live chat, domain names and fraud protection, available at affordable pricing.


Being another complete ecommerce platform, Web helps you set up Google Local and send monthly marketing submissions to local directories and search engines. There are many online videos that guide you through your journey. Customer support is available at all times, through phone or online. The website also helps in setting up secure payment processing quite easily. Apart from offering hosting options, the website also has quite a few templates for email marketing. You can analyze the online reputation of your website and obtain an online visibility report through the Web. Like other ecommerce builders, Web also offers Search Engine Optimization, local leads, PPC and Social Media Marketing.

There are many more such ecommerce website builders including Highwire, Wazala, Pinnaclecart and Squarespace that can help you build your online store all by yourself. Any website builder that you may use to build your online store, determine your requirements and make sure the website caters to all of them in the best way. Also, make sure you customize the theme as per your design so as to establish your Brand presence in a consistent way.

To get a comprehensive list of ecommerce website builders, you need to visit this link – http://www.beautifullife.info/web-design/10-best-ecommerce-builders/

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