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How To Maximise The Success Of Your Adwords Remarketing Campaign

Summary: Adwords remarketing gives businesses the opportunity to incentivize and convert customers who are primed for purchase. This article gives the strategies that will allow you to optimize your retargeting efforts.


Paid advertising is an intricate practice that can significantly cripple a business’ marketing budget. Naturally, marketers want the optimal price to performance ratio when it comes to their ad campaigns.

The fact is, a sizeable percentage of website users do not convert into paying customers. How do you support the revenue goals of your business when the odds of conversion are against you?

The solution lies with the new wave of internet marketing technology that allows businesses to retarget users after they have established an interest in their products. With the appropriate strategy and implementation, you can significantly increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Here’s what you can do to take full advantage of Adwords remarketing:

  1. Leverage Analytics To Determine User Behaviour

The browsing behaviour of online users is the most consequential data that you can collect to guide your campaign. With Google Analytics, you can gain insight into user intent to determine which remarketing audience will give maximum impact.

Let’s put forward that a customer places an item into their shopping cart, but exits your site just before finalising the purchase. Adwords remarketing allows you to infiltrate and influence the buyer process to convert what would otherwise be considered a lost lead.

Having access to this data also give businesses the ability to target the most qualified leads. It’s more probable that you’d convert a user who has already made the penultimate purchase decision rather than someone who’s still seeking information and evaluating their choices. These sorts of microtargeting results in a smaller spend and a more substantial impact as you’d be focusing on users who are already primed for conversion.

  1. Find The Ideal Remarketing Window

Most marketers focus largely on Cost Per Click and target audience while neglecting the one metric that can sabotage an entire campaign – Ad frequency. The fact remains, that the number of times that users interacts with your ad is just as important as the users themselves.

The general consumer attitude is that no one wants to be hit with a landslide of ads that can take away from their browsing experience. Run a campaign for too long and you risk overwhelming and even off-putting potential customers. On the adverse, displaying ads at minimal frequency will not be as effective in reaching the ideal consumer.

How do you arrive at an effective middle? To perfect ad frequency, you should not forsake the simple and subtle art of advertising. Run your ads enough so that they generate impressions that convert and close the window before you turn off potential customers. It’s a matter of knowing your niche audience as well as your product.

  1. Optimise Your Marketing Message

We have seen the implications that data-science has on targeting and converting qualified leads. Collecting information on user behaviour provides an important opportunity to segment your target audience precisely. Users with comparable browsing behaviour can be clustered so that you can optimise your marketing message.

It is never an effective strategy to deploy a generic message to every user. You can tailor your offers based on user intent. For example, you can choose to offer discount codes to someone who has abandoned their shopping cart before closing the purchase.

Clearly, Adwords remarketing is an undeniable solution to poor performing ad campaigns. In fact, research shows that it can boost response rate up to 400 percent. You no longer have to engage in expensive bidding wars that will squeeze your marketing budget dry.  Simply target users who already demonstrate the interest in what you offer.

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